Art Meets Activism Grants Go To Area Artists

Jul 12, 2012

Murray State's Music Department and a pair of Paducah artists will share a $6,500 Art Meets Activism Grants  from The Kentucky Foundation for Women.

$4,500 will go help support Murray State's  2013 Athena Festival which promotes music composition by women. Paducah artists Freda Fairchild and Teri Moore will receive $2,000 to partner with the Oscar Cross Boys and Girls Club to develop art projects to foster self-worth.

The Art Meets Activism program supports a wide variety of individual artists and organizations committed to using the power of art to increase awareness about feminist issues, alter perceptions, stimulate dialogue, open new spaces for civic participation and imagine new ways to create a more just and equitable Kentucky.  The grants are for activities that are artist driven and include the direct participation of individuals and communities.

The foundation’s next round of funding through the Artist Enrichment Grant Program will be announced soon with a September 7, 2012, deadline for application.  This program supports artistic development for feminist artists and arts organizations committed to positive social change.  Applicants are asked to demonstrate their commitment to feminism and understanding of the relationship between art and social change.  Applicants may request funds for activities including: workshops and training, artist residencies, the exploration of new areas or techniques, and the creation of new art.  For more information call KFW at 502-562-0045.

The Kentucky Foundation for Women is a private foundation formed in 1985 by Louisville writer Sallie Bingham.  Its mission is to promote positive social change by supporting varied feminist expression in the arts.