[Audio] Maestro Ponti Talks Upcoming 'Beethoven's 9th Symphony' Concert

Apr 14, 2016

Credit Paducah Symphony Orchestra

Later this week, the Paducah Symphony Orchestra presents “Beethoven’s 9th Symphony” at the Carson Center. Maestro Raffaele Ponti speaks with George Eldred on Sounds Good about the performance.

The show opens with music written by Maurice Ravel. Ponti says it’s a beautiful piece that includes sections alluding to a waltz, but it’s something you wouldn’t dance to. There’s a colorful subtlety to its orchestration that Ponti says cements Ravel as one of the all-time greats.

Next is a piece from the legendary Maurice Wagner: “Tristan und Isolde.” Ponti says it includes a colorful harmonic buildup that you don’t want to miss.

The event concludes with Beethoven’s classic “Symphony No. 9.” The director says he’s enthralled every time he sees that score. This represents the evolution of music while constantly breaking and shifting the rules of music theory.

Interestingly enough, by this point in Beethoven’s life, he had gone almost completely deaf.

PSO will take the stage Saturday at 7:30 PM. The performance will feature over 300 voices including, soloists, PSO choruses and invited choirs. For tickets, visit the Paducah Symphony Orchestra’s website.