Marshall County High School Students To Participate In Frankfort School Safety Rally

Mar 13, 2018


  A charter bus full of Marshall County High School students will head to Frankfort Wednesday to participate in a school safety rally.

The ‘Students United Rally’ will take place outside of the capitol building at 11:30.


The rally was created by students from Franklin County Public schools, who are busing nearly 200 students from their district to the demonstration.


It’s been nearly two months since a shooting at Marshall County High School killed two students and injured several others.


Kentucky Democratic Party spokesman Brad Bowman said the KDP was contacted by students from Marshall County High School, who asked if they could help supply a bus for those wanting to travel to the capitol. Bowman said the KDP got in contact with donors who helped get the students a bus.


Bowman said when it comes to solving issues surrounding school shootings, it’s important for everyone to sit down at the table to discuss how it can be done.


“And especially since the tragedy that our students went through, they should be at that table. And by supporting them to come to Frankfort, that’s the first step in making that happen.”

Around 40 Marshall County High School students are expected to attend the rally.

Principal Patricia Greer said those students will have excused absences.


She said the school is offering a designated area for students planning to walk out.


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