mccracken county animal shelter

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The McCracken County fiscal court voted to lay-off the McCracken County Animal Shelter workers Monday night in Paducah. Judge executive Bob Leeper says the staff performed their work admirably as they closed down the county’s animal shelter. 

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The McCracken County Fiscal Court passed a resolution Monday night to enter into a contract with the McCracken County Humane Society to house animals brought in by the animal control.

McCracken County judge-executive Bob Leeper says a 2011 euthanasia scandal at the humane society did not deter county leaders from making the deal.

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McCracken County Judge Executive Bob Leeper says contract negotiations between the Fiscal Court and the county’s Humane Society have made progress with a possible vote coming as soon as the court’s next meeting.  He says the county’s potential agreement with the Society will give both the ability to make adjustments.

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The McCracken County Fiscal Court held its first regularly scheduled meeting of the year Monday night, and the first under new judge-executive Bob Leeper.

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The McCracken County Fiscal Court voted Monday night to hire an architectural firm to assess costs for a new animal shelter after shelter supporters asked the court to act on the issue.

Judge Executive Van Newberry said the cost to hire an architect will run between $10,000 and $25,000 .

McCracken Co. Animal Shelter Keeps Euthanasia Policy

Oct 14, 2014
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The McCracken County Animal Shelter will continue with their current euthanasia policy even though overcrowding remains a problem. At a fiscal court meeting Monday night, Animal Shelter Director Ryan Brown said the shelter will follow the current policy of only euthanizing sick, injured, or dangerous animals as long as possible.

“First and foremost, I would do as much as I can to ensure no dogs are put down, as long as they’re what we would consider adoptable,” Brown said. “I don’t want a dog to spend months upon months upon months in a crate.”