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McCracken Co. Animal Shelter Keeps Euthanasia Policy

nhandler, Wikimedia Commons

The McCracken County Animal Shelter will continue with their current euthanasia policy even though overcrowding remains a problem. At a fiscal court meeting Monday night, Animal Shelter Director Ryan Brown said the shelter will follow the current policy of only euthanizing sick, injured, or dangerous animals as long as possible.

“First and foremost, I would do as much as I can to ensure no dogs are put down, as long as they’re what we would consider adoptable,” Brown said. “I don’t want a dog to spend months upon months upon months in a crate.”

Brown says the ideal number of dogs at the shelter is between seventy and seventy-five, but there are currently eighty-three dogs housed at the shelter. Thirty-three of those dogs have been there over six months.

The Fiscal Court continues to negotiate a possible contract with the McCracken County Humane Society as a partner. Commissioner Jerry Beyer has called for a November 10th deadline for the decision to contract with the humane society or build a new shelter.

“We do also have taxpayers who are looking to us to do the right thing fiscally, to spend their tax dollars wisely,” Beyer said. “And, I hope we can make that decision and move on, and that’s the reason it was my suggestion that November the 10th we make the decision and go with it.”

The City of Paducah and McCracken County partnered with the Humane Society until an alleged incident involving improper euthanasia at the shelter.

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