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Film About America's Only 'All Black City' Screens in Metropolis


The documentary film "Against All The Odds" sheds light on the problems and accomplishments of East St. Louis, an historically rich city where the African American population courageously survived some of America’s most gruesome historical events. Illinois filmmaker Sandra Pfeifer joins Kate on Sounds Good ahead of a special public screening event at the Metropolis Public Library on February 25 at 10:30 AM.

"I found a woman--a Grassroots committee organizer--in East St. Louis, Illinois who was an amazing person, and took me under her wing and introduced me to East St. Louis. Then that became the largest story. It's an amazing place, it is an incredible city with a lot of power, culture, history. It is very rich in many ways."

Pfeifer describes to Kate the nature of East St. Louis and how the community is self-supportive in contradiction to what most people believe the city to be. She chronicles her experiences with the city and how she came to find the beauty of East St. Louis through a Grassroots committee organizer that lived there.

See more about the film, "Against All the Odds."

Watch the trailer on IMDB.

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