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Clinton Crafts Concrete Chickens for Cultural Celebration

Hickman County Arts Council & Friends, Facebook

The Hickman County Arts Council is raising money in connection with Clinton's Chicken Festival by selling hand-painted chickens crafted out of concrete. The brightly decorated chickens are on sale during the Hickman County Spring Chicken Festival, April 25-26. Mary Potter speaks with Kate Lochte about the chickens and the festival on Sounds Good

"The Arts Council was sitting around thinking "You know we'd like to do something like Lexington has its horses, Chicago has its hogs and why don't we have our chickens?" We started pricing chickens, and those big things are very much out of our price range. So I was driving by a lumber yard one day and I saw these concrete chickens sitting out in front of the lumber yard and I thought we could afford those! So I went back and talked to the people at the lumber yard and they said, "Yeah we can get you all the chickens you want," and that's how it started."


Concrete chickens can be purchased in various sizes, painted or unpainted. See more information and photos at the Hickman County Arts Council & Friends Facebook Page

There's more about the festival on the Hickman County Spring Chicken Festival Facebook Page.

For more information about the chickens, contact Mary Potter at 270-653-3312, or email her at

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