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Underwriter Spotlight: Freight House Restaurant

Glenn Hall Photography

Ah, yes, September. A time of harvest. And later this month, those fresh fruits and veggies will find their way from local farms onto our plates at Paducah's newest restaurant, Freight House. 

Located inside the train depot on 3rd street in Downtown Paducah, the Freight House brings new life and fresh food to the historic landmark. The seasonal menu will feature Southern flavors with responsibly-raised meats and produce, all sourced locally within a day's drive from Paducah. Such careful selection allows food lovers to enjoy food grown for flavor, not for long travel. 

And the flavors may leave your mouth watering. Earlier this summer Sara Bradley teamed up with vendors onsite at the Paducah Farmer's Market to serve Kentucky Proud Weisenberger grits with pimento cheese and topped with slow cooked pork and New Orleans BBQ sauce. Add to that a side of blueberry cornbread with smoked hot pepper jelly and anise butter, and you get just a taste of the kind of unique dishes Freight House will offer.

Owner and Chef, Bradley, a Paducah native, understands Freight House is a part of a local agricultural movement working towards a more natural approach to farming, enriching the land and the community by supporting small family farms. Knowing WKMS listeners are healthy, community and environmentally minded, Bradley feels underwriting is yet another way to keep it local when it comes to her restaurant.

"I have been a devout listener to public radio since I started driving a car," Bradley says. "I have been a supporter in every city I have lived in since becoming an adult when I began crisscrossing the country. I am so proud to now be a member of the underwriting community in Western Kentucky. Knowing that my business can help support the community makes me happy inside!"

The Freight House will open its doors soon. In the meantime, there's more to learn about the farm to table approach on The Freight House Facebook page.

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