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KSP: Owensboro Officer Shot Was Mistaken For Prowler

Facebook, Kentucky State Police

Kentucky State Police say a police officer was shot by a homeowner who may have mistaken the officer for a prowler.

KSP public affairs officer Corey King said Owensboro officer Zachary Morris is out of surgery and listed in good condition. Morris responded early Wednesday morning to a call of a suspicious person possibly breaking into parked vehicles around Hathaway and 6th Street in Owensboro.

Morris chased the suspect but lost sight of them behind some houses. As the officer was checking a fenced-in area at 522 Hathaway, the homeowner of the residence shot at Morris. King said the bullet hit the edge of the officer's protective vest, and parts of the fragments struck his abdomen. The homeowner was detained for questioning. No charges have been filed.

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