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Army Corps Of Engineers Seeking Public Input On Lake Barkley Shoreline Management Plan

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is reviewing how the agency manages Lake Barkley’s shoreline, and the Corps wants public feedback on the review.

Lake Barkley’s Shoreline Management Plan, or SMP, is reevaluated every five years by the Corps. The plan divides the lake’s shoreline into areas for specific purposes.

“It’s basically a plan that lakes have where we have regulations in place and policies and guidance to dictate shorelines uses that we will permit,” said Kayl Kite, Lake Barkley Natural Resource Manager.

Kite said permitted uses of shorelines include mowing privileges, erosion protection and placement of the lake’s 77 launching ramps. Recreation spaces are also regulated under the plan. A draft of the SMP identified 26 public recreation areas around the lake. 

As part of the SMP review, the Corps will host three public hearings to seek comments from residents of the Lake Barkley area. The first hearing will occur Feb. 3 at the Stewart County Visitor Center in Dover. A hearing at the Lake Barkley State Resort Park in Cadiz will take place Feb. 11. The final hearing will be Feb. 13 at the Lee S. Jones Park in Eddyville.

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