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Child Support Enforcement Budget Cuts


Local county attorneys are upset over 12 % cuts to their offices of Child Support Enforcement.

Hopkins County Attorney Todd P’Pool says notice of these cuts came last week- just before the end of their fiscal year. As a result he'll lay off employees as well as cut salaries across the board. P’Pool says the state won't backfill the gap left from dwindling federal dollars or support the rising costs of certain tests. He says the opening of a new 19-million dollar justice center (with borrowed money) in Hopkins County  is a good example of the state’s poor financial priorities.

“We’re learning that that justice center will be closed three weekdays this year and yet we’re having to cut staff. So it seems to me that Frankfortonce again proves to be tone deaf to common sense.”

 The state's justice department is furloughing employees for 3 days to cope with financial shortfalls. P'Pool has to cut over 50-thousand dollars for Hopkins County’s child support services. He says county attorney offices across the state expect more cuts in the next biennium.

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