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Ky Senate Passes Resolution Regarding White Nationalist Event

J. Tyler Franklin

The Kentucky Senate has approved a resolution condemning a white nationalist organization’s planned spring rally in eastern Kentucky. It won backing Tuesday by a voice vote.

Members of the Traditionalist Worker Party along with the Nationalist Front, and National Socialist Movement are scheduled to gather at Jenny Wiley State Park in late April. A rally is expected to take place in Pikeville. Pike County Senator Ray Jones calls it disgraceful for the participants to gather near a memorial to those who fought and died in World War II.

“While they have a First Amendment right to espouse their hatred, we have a First Amendment right to stand up and say we’re not gonna accept this in our community,” Jones said.

Jones says another two resolutions call for the renaming of portions of two state roads in honor of Pike County men who died in France in 1944 fighting what he termed the "Nazi nemesis."

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