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Most public school students in Fayette County won’t be back in the traditional classroom until January, at the earliest.  The school board had considered ramping up in-class instruction this fall, but has opted to wait until 2021.

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Located inside the University of Kentucky’s Memorial Hall, A mural depicting life in Kentucky in the 1800’s has been the subject of intense discussion and debate for decades.  Like the painting, the discussion on what to do with the wall painting has a rich history.  There was yet another development in the “mural” story this week, a lawsuit filed seeking to keep the mural in its current location.


Nearly $5 million in federal funding is coming to Kentucky to help address hunger and homelessness issues during this period of coronavirus.  The dollars come to the Commonwealth from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Kentucky Senate has easily passed immigration related legislation proponents say helps ensure local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are in full cooperation.  Opponents contend the measure isn’t needed and could create a chilling effect within immigrant heavy communities. 

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The sponsor of one of the priority pieces of legislation laid out by Republican leaders in the Kentucky Senate said revisions are being made in the immigration related measure.  Those changes include exempting some agencies.

Senate Bill one includes language to prohibit local governments from adopting or enforcing any sanctuary policy regarding illegal immigration.

University of Kentucky Agricultural Economist Will Snell says many farmers have fared reasonable well this year.

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Model Laboratory School are being asked to develop a new financing method.  The urging comes from State Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis.