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Gov. Bill Lee enters political fray, adding to list of proposals he wants TN lawmakers to pass

On Monday, Gov. Bill Lee sent lawmakers a list of proposals he wants them to pass during special session.
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via WPLN
On Monday, Gov. Bill Lee sent lawmakers a list of proposals he wants them to pass during special session.

There’s lingering uncertainty about how the General Assembly will wind down its special session, and the latest twist comes from Gov. Bill Lee. He sent lawmakers a list of proposals he wants them to pass. The move is likely an attempt to end an impasse that began last week as the Senate refused to take up more bills.

Rep. Jeremy Faison, R-Cosby, says he’d like to see that change.

“I’m just hoping that the governor weighing in on that, talking with the Senate, that it makes a difference. And I’m excited to see what we come up with,” said Faison.

One of the proposals getting backing from the governor is House Speaker Cameron Sexton’s bill to create blended sentences for juveniles. This would allow more teens to be transferred to adult court. It’s a measure seeing opposition from Democrats and demonstrators at the capitol.

Those bills are listed below:

HB 7002 requires teachers to try to determine what caused a fire alarm before evacuating.

HB 7003 adds aggravated stalking as one type of charge that’s eligible for such a long-term protective order.

HB 7007 specifies that autopsies of minors are not public record.

HB 7008 requires mental health professionals to take “certain steps” to protect potential victims if they determine that one of their patients has an intention to commit bodily harm.

HB 7016 creates the criminal offense of recklessly, by any means of communication, threatening to commit an act of mass violence.

HB 7023 allows a law enforcement agency to assign an officer to serve as a school resource officer at a school within a local board of education’s control without consent.

HB 7027 requires the state to pay the cost of a court-ordered mental health evaluation and treatment for criminal defendants who have been charged with a misdemeanor and are believed to be incompetent to stand trial.

HB 7034 raises the penalty for stalking and violating a domestic violence restraining order from a misdemeanor to a felony.

HB 7063 allows Local Education Authorities and public charter schools to employ retired law enforcement officers who are retired from a federal, state or local law enforcement agency and honorably discharged veterans of the United States armed forces to serve as school resource officers.

HB 7071 requires the bureau to submit a report on the number of mass shootings that occur in this state to the governor, the speaker of the House of Representatives, and the speaker of the Senate.

HB 7072 directs the administrative office of the courts to develop a centralized system of case management, document management, electronic case filing, and any other capability deemed necessary for collection and reporting of all state and local court public case level data.

HB 7073 allows more teens to be transferred to adult court for murder, carjacking and crimes where a deadly weapon was used.

Blaise Gainey is a Political Reporter for WPLN News. He is the youngest of three siblings, husband and father of two. He previously held the State Government Reporter position for WFSU News in Tallahassee. He is from Apopka, Fla., and graduated from The School of Journalism at the Florida A&M University. He previously worked for The Florida Channel and WTXL-TV. He is excited to move to another capital and report on state government. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports, outdoor activities and enjoying family time.
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