Barkley Regional Airport Relays Budget Concerns To Congressman Comer

Dec 29, 2017

Credit Matt Markgraf, WKMS

  Barkley Regional Airport officials are concerned about the prospects of a potential government shutdown and the new federal budget.

Airport manager Richard Roof relayed his concerns to Congressman James Comer during his visit Wednesday.


Roof told Comer that a government shutdown would mean cutting services and placing all projects on hold.


But without the reauthorization of the Aviation Trust Fund in the budget, Roof said all projects would be halted anyway.


“Without that, we have no ability to get grants for needed improvements or expansions.”


The Aviation Trust Fund helps finance Federal Aviation Administration investments.


In addition, Roof asked that the airport be reimbursed by the Transportation Security Administration for costs associated with law enforcement support for passenger security screening.  


He said the TSA has not given a reimbursement in years and it is unlikely it will be included in the new federal budget as well.