Clarksville PD Investigating ‘Catfish’ Cases of Assault, Robbery and Kidnapping

Oct 27, 2017

Credit Clarksville Police Department

  Clarksville Police Department is investigating three incidents of online dating gone wrong.

CPD Public Information Officer Jim Knoll said in three separate cases, men meeting up with ‘women’ they found online were assaulted, robbed or kidnapped.


In one case a 20-year-old man from Clarksville who was robbed and assaulted, resulting in a black eye and dislocated left arm.

In the next case, a 26-year-old Nashville man was robbed at gunpoint, forced into a vehicle and dropped off close to where he was originally held at gunpoint.

The last victim was a 20-year-old Kentucky man who was approached by an armed man after arriving at the meeting place in his car. The perpetrator opened the driver door and the Kentucky man immediately placed his vehicle in gear to leave the area. The victim heard the discharge of a firearm.

Knoll said people should be cautious and practice “common sense” to avoid similar situations.

“You don’t just meet somebody in a parking lot or go to their apartment. You have to meet in a public place to start with," Knoll said.

Knoll said anyone can be whoever they want to be on the Internet and says online dating is “buyer beware.” All three incidents occurred in Clarksville.