Police ‘Render Safe’ Grenade in West Ky. Man Found While Metal Detecting

Jun 11, 2018

Credit Matt Markgraf/WKMS

The Kentucky State Police said a possible live grenade found Monday in Hopkins County was rendered safe.

According to a release, an individual was metal detecting in a field where he discovered the grenade. He then transported the explosive to the Downtown Market in Slaughters, in Webster County.

KSP set up a perimeter and evacuated the area, which resulted in temporary closures of State Route 138 and US 41.

Trooper Rob Austin described the grenade as “very old.” Trooper Corey King said similar cases have been known to occur in nearby Union County.

“We do get those from time to time and we simply use a robot to move them out of the way and then we detonate them,” King said.

He said that there was once a practice ground in Union County were they used ‘ordnances’ during the 50s or 60s. Ordnances are military supplies, including weapons and ammunition.

“The kids and some adults will find these little ordnances that are laying around,” King said. “Come to find out a lot of times they’re inert, they’re just for practice reasons, but you never know. About several times a year, we get a complain of this and our bomb techs go out there to get rid of it.”

KSP advises the public not to touch or transport any possible explosive. If found, they urge to contact law enforcement immediately and make sure everyone stays as far away from the device as possible.