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State Police Introduces Mobile Substance Abuse Awareness Exhibit

Kentucky State Police Facebook Page

The Kentucky State Police are introducing a new mobile substance abuse education exhibit.  

The 30-foot trailer includes 14 flat screen monitors and one touch-screen monitor to present video messages about meth, heroin, marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco.

KSP Public Affairs Officer Billy Gregory said the technologically focused trailer will hopefully bring renewed focus to long-standing issues. “You know we do live in a culture that I believe has become a little bit more desensitized due to the nature of television and movies and things, so many times what we feel like this does is draws people back to a center, if you will, and allows them to really take a hard look at it again,” said Gregory.

The mobile exhibit was funded by a $92,000 grant from the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy.  Gregory said a previous outdated exhibit didn’t have viewing technology.  “It’s just a better way to communicate.  And it seems like now with the younger generation, they sit behind TV screens quite a bit anyway, so we felt like this would be something that would connect with them as opposed to maybe fixed displays and things that we used to rely upon,” Gregory said.

The KSP trailer is now available for use by schools, clubs, businesses, churches, local governments, and other organizations throughout the state.

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.
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