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2020 Battle of the Bands Semifinalists Announced



We've narrowed down 23 submissions to the top 9 semi-finalists. Now it's up to your vote!

The top 4 finalists, decided by your votes, will perform in the finals live at Maiden Alley Cinema on March 26th at 7:00 pm, where the audience and a panel of judges will determine the grand-prize winner. 

Listen to the songs below and vote for your favorite song on our Facebook page. 

Please keep it fair: only vote for one song and only vote once. Online voters will pick three of the bands, a "judges pick" will choose the fourth band. Voting is open until midnight, Sunday, March 15th. We'll announce the finalists on Sounds Good, Monday, March 16th. 

Save the date: 7 p.m., March 26th at Maiden Alley Cinema in Paducah. 



Bantha Tracks, "I Don't Wanna Drive" - Murray, KY


Little By Little, "Stop Me" - Murray, KY

band members: Kayla Little, Brent Smith, Sam Blalock, Aaron Moody

The Cuttin' Jessies - "For Us" - Paducah, KY

band members: Steven Phalen, Luke Taylor

Foxes Have Holes - "Holiday Drinking (Got A Little Way) - Paducah, KY

band members: Jacob Boyd, Zaq Kickasola, Nolan Feldner

Year Of October, "Come & Get It" - Nashville, TN

band members: Josh Sullivan, Phlecia Sullivan, James Varner

Zach Ladd, "For Loving You" - Mayfield, KY

band members: Zach Ladd, Josh Sullivan, James Varner

Daniel Neihoff, "Appalachian Cry" - Paducah, KY

band members: Daniel Neihoff

Kentucky Vultures, "Hall Of Fame" - Murray, KY

band members: Matt Rowan, S. Knox Montgomery, Mike Harmon, Tim Johns

The Melungeons, "I'm Never Alone" - Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky

band members: Rhonda James, Will Lambert, Sam Lucas, Mark Donham, Dillon Carver, Miles Simmons, Erik Eicholtz



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