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  A new bill in the Kentucky legislature could ban large-scale solar projects on farmland in the state, out of fears that the growing solar industry could be a detriment to the preservation of productive farmland. But a leading solar advocate in the state believes the bill is an overreaction and could significantly hamper the dawning solar industry. 

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The golden hue of the sunset shines across the sky and through the window as a woman drives down Van Meter Road in central Kentucky’s Clark County, passing by green rolling hills and hay bales.

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Officials say a federal grant is being used to help establish and improve farming opportunities for veterans. 

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Rick Murdock drives past his neighbors on rural back roads in southwest Calloway County, Kentucky, most days in his pickup truck, where he’ll pass by some signs of the season — “Trump 2020” flags and signs.


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  A line of blue and yellow pop-up tents stand along the North Fork of the Kentucky River during a sunny September weekend in downtown Whitesburg, Kentucky, and Valerie Horn is doing her part to keep the Letcher County Farmers Market rolling. 

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Tennessee’s state veterinarian is advising livestock owners to look out for signs of a disease that has affected horses, cattle and other animals in Midwest states. 

Ohio Department of Agriculture

The Departments of Agriculture in at least four states - Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee - say people have reported receiving unsolicited packs of seeds in the mail.

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  Murray State University President Bob Jackson, Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, and other government, education, and industry leaders are among a newly launched 21-member state task force dedicated to developing agriculture technology opportunities.

Gov. Andy Beshear has announced an international agreement with the Dutch government and other international partners to promote farm technology in Kentucky. 

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 Ohio Valley farmers have received more than $100 million so far in federal relief payments to offset the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, with potentially more payments on the way.