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 Debby Dulworth has a lot of conversations with her cattle each day. She swings open a gate, driving the herd with repeated calls and the Hereford cattle respond in kind with groans and snorts.

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  During a year-end interview, Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said he’s focused on his second term in office and not currently planning a run for governor in 2023.

University of Kentucky Agricultural Economist Will Snell says many farmers have fared reasonable well this year.

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Kentucky is one of 12 states that holds elections for agriculture commissioner, which facilitates and promotes the state’s $5.9 billion agriculture industry that has more than 75,000 workers.

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Dozens of regional farmers, agribusinesses and state and national agriculture officials met in Fulton County on Thursday at the 3rd annual West Kentucky Alliance for a Vibrant Economy Ag Day, to talk about what the future of agriculture in far west Kentucky could be.


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University of Kentucky Extension Plant Pathologist Carl Bradley says now is a good time for farmers to inspect their grain crops for a disease that impacts quality and yield.

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The U. S. Department of Agriculture announced Thursday details of a second round of aid totaling $16 billion for farmers affected by the trade war with China. But some Ohio Valley farmers worry about the ongoing consequences of these payments and tariffs.

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This is the first story in an occasional series exploring the links between addiction recovery and a recoverying economy. 

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Ohio Valley farmers say the latest tariff escalation between the Trump administration and China could continue to hurt their businesses, with many farmers already facing financial struggles.  

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture released its five-year census on April 11, and for the first time it includes a category for military veterans who are farming. The census shows that Kentucky currently has about 13,000 farmers with miltary service.