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Vaccine Hesitancy Hovers Over Ohio Valley Efforts To Get To Herd Immunity

Apr 19, 2021
Liam Niemeyer / Ohio Valley Resource

Phyllis Gibbs wasn’t sure until recently that she’d be here, just a few moments away from receiving a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Duke University in North Carolina has announced that it will require students to have a COVID-19 vaccine when they return this fall. And the list of campuses with such policies is growing.

Tennessee’s vaccination rate for people who work in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is among the lowest in the country, according to a new report from the Center for Public Integrity.

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More than 1 million people are newly eligible to get a COVID vaccine in Tennessee as of Monday. Roughly one in six residents qualify as part of phase 1C, meaning they have common risk factors for complications with COVID-19. But the guidance still leaves some gray areas.

List Of Vaccination Sites In West Kentucky

Mar 1, 2021

Following is a list of COVID-19 vaccination sites designated by the state of Kentucky and the federal government. Kentucky is currently in phase 1C of its vaccination distribution plan. 

Residents who qualify to get the COVID-19 vaccine are all essential workers, people over who are age 60 or older, and anyone over the age of 16 with Center for Disease Control highest risk C19 condition. 

Montgomery County Health Department

Tennessee counties are saying goodbye to Signup Genius. Local health departments have been relying on the free scheduling website to coordinate COVID-19 vaccination appointments. But the state has now launched a customized online scheduling tool.

Kate Howard

  More than a million Kentuckians will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine beginning March 1 when Gov. Andy Beshear says regional distribution centers will enter distribution phase 1C.

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The severe weather is expected to cause unsafe conditions, such as slick, snow-covered roads, prompting the closure of more COVID-19 vaccination sites early this week. But Gov. Andy Beshear said he is not concerned about the long-term consequences of rescheduled appointments.

Stephen Jerkins / WPLN News

Metro Health officials plan to deploy “strike teams” to vaccinate special populations vulnerable to both COVID-19 and being left behind in the rush for doses, which are in short supply.

Mobile strike teams will set up vaccinate sites in areas of north, northeast and southeast Davidson County, which are the most diverse parts of the city.

The Metro Public Health Department plans to partner with some of the same groups that have helped with COVID testing among minority communities. The department plans to choose locations based on accessibility and “familiarity.”

Putnam County, Tennessee

Tennessee is lowering the threshold to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to age 70.

The state Department of Health estimates that the change means about 300,000 Tennesseans between 70 and 74 will now be eligible to get inoculated.

The age group is about 70% more likely to die and 40% more likely to be hospitalized than those aged 65 to 69. Dr. Lisa Piercey, the state’s health chief, says those data points led to changing the state’s distribution plan, which originally would have made all people 65 and up eligible this month.