Gov. Bill Lee

Emails: Companies Urged TN Gov. To Veto Anti-LGBT Adoption Law

Jan 30, 2020
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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee sought to downplay potential consequences amid multiple businesses reaching out to his administration warning that the state's reputation would suffer should the Republican enact an anti-LGBT adoption measure.

Lee To Pitch Sweeping Anti-Abortion Bans In Tennessee

Jan 23, 2020
Bill Lee, via Facebook

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee says he wants to enact some of the strictest abortion laws in the nation, which would include banning women from undergoing the procedure once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

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Tennessee lawmakers are poised to begin the 2020 legislative session, kicking off a busy next couple of months expected to be full of debates on criminal justice reform, abortion and other hot-button issues.

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Tennessee's Capitol Commission has no plans to address a contentious bust of a former Confederate general and early leader of the Ku Klux Klan when it meets next week for the first time in a year.

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Tennesseans are invited to visit the governor's mansion this holiday season for self-guided tours.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee says if residents pray to God to favor the state, God will answer those prayers.

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Gov. Bill Lee has signed an executive order transferring an early education program for infants and toddlers with disabilities to a new state agency.

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 Tennessee Governor Bill Lee endorsed Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s reelection bid Friday during a Republican campaign event in west Kentucky.

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Tennessee education officials are distributing almost $5.9 million in grants to aid 117 charter schools in the state.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has appointed 38 people to a panel that will work with the U.S. Census Bureau on the 2020 Census.