Gov. Bill Lee

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said Monday that his administration is looking at several policy options to increase public safety after two mass shootings over the weekend.

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Public health officials say more Tennesseans are now eligible for free mental health services under the state's behavior health safety net program.

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Drivers in Tennessee could face fines if they're caught using hand-held cellphones behind the wheel starting Monday, when that law and more than 140 others take effect.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee on Thursday announced he's calling a special legislative session in late August to allow the GOP-controlled House to replace the state's House speaker, who has promised to resign after a series of scandals.

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Mitsubishi Motors announced on Tuesday that it is relocating its North America headquarters from California to Tennessee, a move that will bring the Japanese automaker closer to its sister company Nissan and strengthen Tennessee's growing reputation as an epicenter of the automotive sector.

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LG Electronics Inc. has officially unveiled its first washing machine plant in the United States.

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A bill diverting tax dollars to private education and allowing participating families to receive debit cards worth up to $7,300 in state education money each year was signed into law by Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee on Friday.

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Tennessee lawmakers have signed off on legislation that would prevent the state from revoking or suspending driver's licenses over unpaid court costs.

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Gov. Bill Lee's latest proposal to increase the amount of public dollars that can pay for private tuition and other expenses will cost taxpayers more than $335 million over the next five years.

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A bill that would allow sports betting in Tennessee passed the House on Wednesday, a key hurdle in a state that has been historically hesitant to expand gambling.