Paducah Officially Received Riverfront Development Funding, Still Waiting on State Approval

Feb 20, 2015

Credit Flickr Commons

Paducah is closer to starting an expansion project for Schultz park near the riverfront with help from a nearly one-million dollar grant.

The city had budgeted for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Grant which it officially received yesterday.

City Spokesperson Pam Spencer says the city sent the plans for the first phase of development to the state for approval that’s required to begin searching for bids.

“We’re waiting until we hear back from the state but we’re really hoping to bid this project this spring with construction through spring and summer and early fall and have the rest of this phase completed before winter,” she said.

Spencer says the city has a little more than $5 million including the grant to expand the park and build a 400-foot dock and marina building.