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Industrial Megasite Could Add to Regional County Budgets


Jackson Purchase counties may see some extra money in their budgets next fiscal year. Each county could see around $100,000 dollars, according to Purchase Regional Industrial Park Board Chair Mark Manning.

Manning says the board has accumulated money renting farmland at the West Kentucky Megasite, located in Graves County, which has yet to attract major industry.

He says the megasite needs infrastructure to the tune of $70 to $110 million dollars, which is too large a sum to save renting the land to farmers.

“Rather than just having that money sit there and do nothing, we decided that it was appropriate to see if we can’t find a way to impact job creation in the region in a more immediate fashion.”

Manning says counties could see recurring funds around $34,000 dollars per year. He says counties will likely be able to apply for the funding in July.

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