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Graves County official indicted on charge of abuse of public trust

The Graves County Property Valuation Administrator is being indicted on a charge of abuse of public trust for more than $10,000 dollars.

Howell Carr, who has served as the Graves PVA since 1998, was served a criminal summons Wednesday after a monthslong Kentucky State Police investigation.

According to a KSP release, the investigation revealed that Carr had authorized people who weren’t employees of his office to get benefits, including cell phones and fuel credit cards. The seven-term PVA was also found to have misused funds related to his elected position.

The KSP release also said that Karla Renkoski, a Mayfield resident who does not work in Carr’s office, was complicit in the misuse of some of those funds. Renkoski is being indicted on a single count of complicity to abuse of public trust.

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