[Audio] 4th Annual Guitar As Art Exhibition Opens in Martin this Sunday

Sep 1, 2017

Credit Tennessee Soybean Festival, Facebook

Jason Stout, Associate Professor of Art at University of Tennessee at Martin, speaks with Tracy Ross on Sounds Good about the Fourth Annual Guitar As Art exhibit which opens this Sunday at the university’s Art Gallery.


Stout says the idea for the exhibition came from Katie Smith who had seen successful painted violin exhibitions in Colorado. Stout and Smith thought a painted guitar exhibition would fit in well with the Tennessee Soybean festival, tying together music, a big part of the festival, with art. The two also wanted to provide local artists an affordable opportunity to exhibit their work to the community in an approachable way.

The first 30 artists who apply to participate receive standard guitars on which to paint for the exhibition. Their $35 entrance fee goes to cover the cost of the guitars, food at the reception, and the awards. The artist whose guitar is selected as best of show will receive a $500 purchase prize. The guitar itself will be used to promote the following year’s Soybean Festival. Stout says the Guitar As Art exhibit attracts a mix of artists, including professionals, current students, and local artisans.


The Guitar As Art exhibit opens Sunday, September 3rd from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the Art Gallery at University of Tennessee at Martin and will run through September 16th.