Calloway Library Board Meeting Change Could Reschedule After School Programs

Oct 11, 2018

Calloway County Public Library Board is considering changing meeting times that could reschedule certain programs.

The board has proposed changing meetings from the second Wednesday of every month to the second Tuesday. The motion was due for a second reading Wednesday but was tabled after a heated debate.

Board member Mark Kennedy has said the change will allow Wednesday church-goers to not have to leave meetings early.

Board President Audrey Neal said moving the meetings to Tuesdays would affect homework club and Zumba classes. Board member Riley Ramsey moved to table the discussion.

“Could this possibly wait? I’d hate to inconvenience a community that is already trying to use the library,” Ramsey said.

Neal said she believes a later start like 6:00 would work better because it would give staff time to rearrange the meeting room after homework club has ended.

The board asked library director Mignon Reed to see if the programs could be rescheduled and report back on the issue at next month’s meeting. Reed told the board she has no problem with moving the meeting time but would prefer the change take place next year. Reed was not able to be reached for comment.