Calloway Library Board Reopens Bidding for Contentious Higgins House

Dec 14, 2017

Higgins House
Credit Taylor Inman, WKMS

The Calloway County Public Library Board is reopening the bid process to sell an historic house near downtown Murray. The library owns the neighboring Higgins House, a dilapidated Victorian property that needs significant, costly repair.

The board rejected last month a bid of $22,500 dollars from a couple and another offer from a person who did not formally bid.

Realtor Gayle Cornelison says the building is deteriorating day by day.

“Now you have had two legitimate contractors saying that it is literally falling down around us.” Cornelison said, addressing the board.  

“Make a decision,” cried another member of the public.

“So please,”Cornelison continued, “I implore you to reconsider the bid you had last month.”

Board President Ricky Lamkin said the board has a fiduciary responsibility to get the optimal amount for the house. However, an appraisal for the value of the property was something that had not yet been done, according to Lamkin.

In response to Cornelison's plea and public comment urging action, the board decided to call a closed session. After deliberation, the board agreed to move forward and is again accepting sealed bids, this time with a minimum of $30,000 with no contingencies. The board said  previous bids would need to be resubmitted.

“If there is a bid of $30k without contingency or higher it will probably be accepted; because that is what we said today.” Lamkin said.

Robert and Dawn Hasz had placed a bid on the property that was rejected at the previous meeting.

“We are glad to see that they are actually going to put it back up for bid and put it on a minimum."   Said Robert Hasz. Now, he said he and his wife have to "seriously talk" about submitting a new bid.


Hasz said he is glad the board is moving forward.