City Of Kuttawa Releases Statement Regarding Missing Funds And Former City Clerk

Aug 30, 2018

City officials in Kuttawa say Kentucky State Police are investigating financial irregularities from its general operating fund and community events account. 

The City’s former City Clerk Katie Harrison is implicated in the investigation.

KSP Spokesperson Jay Thomas said Harrison is a fugitive from justice, as her current whereabouts are unknown.

The City is conducting an internal investigation to determine the full extent of the financial irregularities and will receive a report from its auditor in the coming weeks.

Read the City's full statement below:



AUGUST 29, 2018

In mid-July 2018, officials with the City of Kuttawa discovered certain financial irregularities associated with its general operating account, as well as its community events account. Upon discovering these financial irregularities, the City of Kuttawa immediately contacted law enforcement and began cooperating with the investigation into these financial irregularities. At the present time, the Kentucky State Police continues to investigate these financial irregularities. Because this criminal investigation remains ongoing and is being handled by the Kentucky State Police, the City of Kuttawa would defer comment on this ongoing criminal investigation to the Kentucky State Police.

Internally, the City of Kuttawa continues to investigate the full extent of the financial irregularities discovered by the City of Kuttawa last month. The City of Kuttawa has reported these financial irregularities to its auditor and anticipates that it will receive a full report of the findings of its auditor within coming weeks. Moreover, the City of Kuttawa has enlisted the assistance of a certified public accountant to reconcile the city's books.

The City of Kuttawa has also recently received several media inquiries regarding the employment status of Katie Harrison. Ms. Harrison was, most recently, employed as the Kuttawa City Clerk. Although the City of Kuttawa is prohibited by law from discussing specific personnel issues, the City of Kuttawa can confirm that Katie Harrison is no longer an employee of the City of Kuttawa and is no longer the Kuttawa City Clerk.

The City of Kuttawa has no knowledge regarding the current whereabouts of Katie Harrison.


Jackie M. “Jay” Matheny, Jr. Kuttawa City Attorney