Sounds Good Celebrates Thanksgiving with Four Seasonal Specials

Nov 23, 2020

Sounds Good celebrates the holiday season with four seasonal specials starting Wednesday, November 25th. From turkeys to music to saving the planet, these special presentations from American Public Media, PRX, and the BBC will air through Friday afternoon. 

See the Sounds Good Thanksgiving schedule below:

Wednesday, November 25th, at 11 a.m. 
Giving Thanks: A Celebration of Fall, Food, and Gratitude from American Public Media

Giving Thanks brings music and stories together for thoughtful reflection on the meaning of the holiday. Whether you're up early in the kitchen, on the road to a family gathering, or relaxing after the feast, Giving Thanks provides the perfect atmosphere for Thanksgiving: the warmth of great music and truly memorable words. 

Thursday, November 26th, (Thanksgiving Day) at 11 a.m.
The Splendid Table's Turkey Confidential from American Public Media

Turkey Confidential is The Splendid Table's annual Thanksgiving show. Francis Lam takes calls and comes to the rescue of Thanksgiving cooks, kitchen helpers, and inner guests during the biggest cooking day of the year. 

Note: For 2020, due to logistical restrictions based on the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey Confidential will be a pre-produced two-hour program. All calls have been prerecorded.

Friday, November 27th, at 11 a.m.
Science and Thanksgiving from PRX

Thanksgiving usually means we're going big -- way over the top. Twice the size bird we could possibly eat. More side dishes than the table can hold, and of course, so much pie. We travel great distances to see our families and friends -- we hug, we eat, we argue, and we nap. 

On this episode of The Pulse, we explore the traditions and rituals of Thanksgiving through a scientific lens. We hear stories about the neuroscience of gratitude -- and how it can help us through grief; the environmental impact of our holiday feasts, from cranberries to food waste; and ask whether turkeys are really as dumb as they look. 

Friday, November 27th, at 12 noon
World Questions: Environment from the BBC

Why is it proving so difficult to stop climate change and the destruction of the natural world? The BBC's Justin Rowlatt chairs a remote debate with leading scientists, businesspeople, and activists from around the world to try to come up with some answers to the most pressing issue of our times.