Sounds Good Explores the Pros (and Cons) of Vacation

Jun 4, 2018


   Vacations are usually synonymous with words like relaxation, fun, and happiness -- however, there can be downsides to everything, even an R&R trip. Dr. Michael Bordieri visits Sounds Good to discuss the good and bad that comes along with planning and going through with your next big trip. 

        Although many people would gladly take a break from their normal daily routine to visit new, distant, or otherwise exciting locales, the phrase "I need a vacation from my vacation" is one that can quickly pop up amid the stress, time crunching, and post-vacation blues that go along with big trips. Studies have shown that some people are the most excited before the trip even takes place, and often find themselves struggling to remain present while vacationing. 
              Murray State University psychology professor, Dr. Michael Bordieri, visits Sounds Good to discuss the pros and cons of vacationing with Tracy Ross. Bordieri explains the potential negative side effects of extravagant plans, as well as some of the better known positives, and how to best optimize your next holiday.