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Mayfield Ordinance Allowing Stand-Alone Bars Passes First Reading

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Mayfield’s City Council voted Monday night 8 to 1 in favor of an ordinance to allow stand-alone bars to operate.

The single “no” vote came as a result of an absent city councilman. Currently, the city’s alcohol sales are limited to package stores and restaurants that can only have 30% of their sales in alcohol, with the rest of those sales coming from food.

The amendment would do away with the alcohol sales limit, allow drink sales to begin at noon on Sundays, and extend alcohol sales training for employees from 60 to 90 days after employment.

Mayfield Mayor Kathy Stewart O'Nan said the current sales limit on alcohol prevents stand alone bars from establishing in the city.

“That license also would apply then to a stand alone bar where the food quota didn’t matter. That was the biggest most controversial part of this ordinance. Well, we had two groups you know, some really wanting it, some very against it,” O’ Nan said.

She said attendance at the city council meeting was unusually large, packing the room beyond max capacity. She said there was an equal number of people speaking out against and in favor of the ordinance. A church from Graves County expressed their disapproval, while local business owners spoke in support of the ordinance.

The ordinance was brought forward by a nail salon, a spa, a dress shop, and the local art gallery sending letters to the economic development board inquiring about selling alcoholic beverages at special events. The board then sent these letters to the City Council, prompting the amendment.

The Mayfield City Council, under the previous administration, narrowly-voted last year to prohibit bars and taverns - with then Mayor Teresa Rochetti-Cantrell casting a tiebreaker. The ordinance didn’t affect and current operation because the city’s only bar at the time had closed two months prior. Mayfield voted to allow alcohol sales in 2016.

O’Nan expects the amendment to be enacted after its second reading on September 9.

Hannah is a Murray State Journalism major. She found her place in radio during her second year in Murray. She is from Herndon, KY, a small farming community on the Kentucky/Tennessee stateline.
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