Playhouse in the Park Highlights the Birth of a Nation with 1776 - The Musical

Aug 24, 2018

Murray's community theatre company, Playhouse in the Park, is presenting the colonial and revolutionary musical, 1776 - The Musical, from August 23rd to September 2nd. Executive director of Playhouse, Lisa Cope, and MSU vocal professor and cast member, Dr. Chris Mitchell, visited Sounds Good to discuss the show.

1776 narrates the birth of a nation as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson work to get the Declaration of Independence signed. Differences and similarities between congressional members of the thirteen colonies are highlighted in ways not regularly seen in an average history book, with comedy and touching musical numbers scattered throughout. The musical emphasizes not only the importance of freedom, but of compromise and commitment. 

The cast is comprised of 24 male and 2 female roles, ranging from high school seniors, to MSU professors, to Playhouse in the Park newbies and veterans alike. John Adams is played by MSU vocal professor, Dr. Randall Black; Benjamin Franklin is played by MSU English professor, Rusty Jones; and Thomas Jefferson is played by Murray High English teacher, Adam Pitman. Dr. Chris Mitchell, who visited Sounds Good with Lisa Cope, plays Mr. John Dickinson, a congressional member from Pennsylvania who ultimately refuses to sign the declaration. 

1776 opened at Playhouse this past Thursday, August 23rd, and will run Thursday-Sunday until September 2nd. Showtimes for Thursday-Saturday peformances are 7:00 pm, Sunday performances are at 2:30 pm. The musical is roughly two and a half hours long. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the Playhouse Box Office at 270-759-1752.