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Prichard Committee Leadership Change Tour Stops By Trigg County


The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence is transitioning leadership with the retirement of Dr. Stu Silberman and the selection of his successor Brigitte Ramsey. Ramsey has been Associate Executive Director since last May. Together, they're touring the state and last night they were at Barkley Lodge in Trigg County with committee and community members as well as local educators. 

In the following segment of a conversation with media representatives, you'll hear them respond to questions from Mary Potter of the West Kentucky Journal and Kate Lochte of WKMS, beginning and ending with comments about Common Core standards. Dr. Silberman had asserted earlier that the standards are not a federal mandate, rather the standards grew from the Governors' Association mandate and were "tweaked" by over 1,000 Kentucky teachers prior to adoption. 

Dr. Stu Silberman, outgoing and Bridgette Ramsey, incoming, Executive Directors of the Prichard Committee were in Trigg County Tuesday night, meeting with committee and community members, as well as regional educators. The Prichard Committee's mission is to provide a public voice advocating for continually improved education for all Kentuckians.

See more about the Kentucky Core Academics Challenge at

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