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  The Kentucky Senate is expected to vote on legislation that would prevent school athletes who suffer from concussion from returning to play too soon.

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The Senate Agriculture Committee has approved modifications in Kentucky's industrial hemp research program.  Proponents say the measure seeks to better align the state’s effort with federal research exemptions in the farm bill.

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Consideration of a substantial criminal justice reform measure will continue next week in the Kentucky senate.

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Approved tobacco cessation medicines and services would be covered by insurance under legislation approved in a senate committee Wednesday. Proponents say the change would save lives and health care dollars.

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The Kentucky Senate has voted to double the amount of campaign contributions allowed for some donors. The issue prompted emotional debate on the Senate floor Wednesday.

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The Kentucky senate voted Wednesday to make all public school campuses tobacco free. Local control questions were raised during the floor debate.

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The Kentucky Senate has voted to make all trafficking in heroin or Fentanyl Class C felonies. Proponents hope the change would result in fewer overdose deaths.

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The Kentucky Senate has approved a resolution condemning a white nationalist organization’s planned spring rally in eastern Kentucky. It won backing Tuesday by a voice vote.

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Kentucky university students rallied at the State Capitol Monday on issues like budget cuts, tuition rates and debt for close to two hours.