Leonard the Band Returns to Sounds Good for Next Live Lunch

Apr 13, 2018

Credit Thomas Dean Stewart, facebook.com/leonardthebandmusic

   Aptly named after a hybrid of The Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Leonard the Band is known for mashing sounds and styles into one unique rock n' roll experience. The Metropolis, IL band will be visiting Sounds Good prior to their album release show at Maiden Alley Cinema next week.

    Leonard the Band consists of Luke Taylor (guitar/vocals), Zach Winding (keyboards/organ), Taylor Rader (drums), Adam Rader (bass), and Brian Rader (guitar/vocals). Their eclectic sound comes from a culmination of each member's tastes -- listeners will hear flavors reminscent of Wilco, Spoon, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles all in one set. Several Paducah businesses are collaborating with the band for their upcoming album release, including a Leonard the Beer at Dry Ground Brewing and a Leonard the Burger at Just Hamburgers. 
          The band performed a Live Lunch on Sounds Good after winning the WKMS Battle of the Bands in 2014, and they'll be back in Studio B next Friday, April 20th, at 12 noon. That evening, they'll release their new album at Maiden Alley Cinema in Paducah. Tune in on the 20th for more information or check out Leonard the Band's Facebook page.