Local Teen Stars in Nashville-Based Bexar's Music Video, "Again"

Sep 5, 2020

Fulton Independent High School junior, Linus Pulley, was recently cast in Nashville-based Bexar's new music video. Pulley speaks with Tracy Ross about the filming process and starting his acting career at the Union City Library and Discovery Park. 

"I got cast in the music video from a talent agent I have in Nashville," Pulley begins. "They needed somebody who looks like an outcast -- a character that's not too popular, kind of on the outs. So I sent them some pictures, and they liked my look and decided to cast me."

The music video for Bexar's single, "Again," released in late July of this year, opens on a close-up shot of Pulley sitting in his room. Visibly discontented, Pulley leaves as his parents fight in the next room. Switching between shots of Bexar performing the song and Pulley, the song's lyrics and video both speak to the more carefree moments of youth. Bexar, comprised of Chris Ryan (lead vocals/guitar) and Logan Turner (vocals/banjo/guitar), was recently signed to Warner Music Nashville and has accumulated roughly 25 million streams since releasing their first EP in 2018.

"It's very interesting to go there because I've done theater acting before, but I've never done something on film," he continues. "It only took one full day, and we had three different sets that we had to go to. In the morning...[the director's assistant] drove us out to this house and had a tent for the parents and us to wait in until it was our time. We filmed in a basement area that was used for filming music videos."

"There were all sorts of crew there for the band, the band themselves, the actual director, the camera people, the photographer. Since there was no dialogue, it was just a music video, the director would tell me the emotion I was supposed to be feeling and what I was supposed to be looking at. I would go off that and try to portray it. I don't know if I have any specific tools, just a lot of experience during theater acting. I guess in doing that, I've just figured out and known how to do more facial acting to portray emotion."

Pulley started his acting career in Union City, Tennessee, when he was around seven years old. "I started at Storybook Summer, which was a kids' theater program at the Union City Library. After that, I went to the plays at the Masquerade Theatre." 

"Discovery Park in Union City announced they were doing a thing called Historical Theater Academy where students would go in, and they would be given a historical subject," Pulley continues. "They would figure it out, research it, and write a play and act in it based off of that. I've done Historical Theater Academy seven times. I was an inaugural member, and I've been in all of them since then. I'm currently working on the eighth one right now."

"Discovery Park is great. There's hasn't really -- up until the point it was built -- been any cultural center place for learning. [Discovery Park] is accessible to everyone. It's got really interesting things...war artifacts, dinosaur skeletons. It's got specific to the region...a fish aquarium, a lot of kids areas experimenting with electricity and water. It's got a whole lot of programs. It's got historical theater, there are artist classes and pottery classes and different places to learn about different things," Pulley continues. 

The music video for "Again" is available now on Youtube or through Bexar's website and Facebook page. For more information on Discovery Park and other learning and cultural opportunities in Union City, visit the Discovery Park website