The Other Years Bring Rustic and Intimate Harmonies to the Next Live Lunch

Feb 26, 2019

Louisville, Kentucky based duo, The Other Years, will be featured on the next installment of Sounds Good's Live Lunch series. The duet is born from a sister friendship, two friendly vines headed up the same tree. Their voices combine in many forms, embarking on a journey of songwriting influenced by time old traditions.

From The Other Years' Bandcamp:

"The Other Years are Anna Krippenstapel and Heather Summers -- two voices riding a single harmonic laser beam, carrying instruments made of wood and skin and bones. They travel light. There is something pure, strong, and ancient in their voices. It reminds people of Jean Ritchie or Hazel Dickens or Karen Dalton. The Other Years are time-travelers -- but not from the past. They come from the future with songs about how we're all gonna get through these days. 

Fiddle, guitar, banjo, and two human voices. Sometimes Heather and Anna sing together, sometimes they trade off. They leave plenty of space for notes to ring out and words to sink in. Maybe you feel like crying. Beautiful things can cause that."

Join Tracy Ross next Friday, March 8th, at noon for the next installment of the Live Lunch series. You can listen on the air, the WKMS website, or the WKMS Facebook page. Live Lunch is made possible by Murray State Digital Media Services, Just Hamburgers in Paducah, KY, and listeners like you. 

For more information on the Other Years, visit their Facebook page or Bandcamp.