Attorney General Daniel Cameron

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On March 16, Governor Andy Beshear announced the new coronavirus had contributed to the death of a man in Bourbon County. He was the first person in Kentucky to die from the virus.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources via Facebook

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Governor Andy Beshear’s administration by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission to try to reinstate the former Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources commissioner to his post.

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Dozens of protesters gathered in front of Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s house Saturday night in suburban Louisville. They were calling on Cameron to resign over his decision not to recommend any charges for the death of Breonna Taylor. Police in riot gear confronted protesters, but there were no arrests.

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Kenneth Walker’s lawsuit seeking immunity under Kentucky’s stand your ground law is moving forward, with a judge hearing arguments related to some aspects of the case Monday morning.

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  Wednesday’s release of the internal investigation of the police killing of Breonna Taylor has resurfaced one of the key unsolved questions of the whole case: Why were the police at her apartment in the first place?

Taylor Family

Nearly 5,600 pages of documents. Hours of video and audio recordings. Ballistics reports. Social media posts from Breonna Taylor’s family’s lawyers.

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  Attorney General Daniel Cameron is asking for a one-week extension to release the grand jury recording from the Breonna Taylor case.

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  More than 100 people, many of them Murray State University students, marched on the university’s campus Friday evening to call for policing reform and racial justice. The protest follows a grand jury’s decision earlier this week not to charge Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers with Breonna Taylor’s death.


A lawyer for Breonna Taylor’s neighbors says they are pleased that a grand jury has decided to indict former Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officer Brett Hankison for putting them in danger by “blindly” firing into their apartment during a raid on Taylor’s home. But they don’t believe the charges go far enough.

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  Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron says his office determined that two of the three officers who fired their weapons were justified when they fatally shot Breonna Taylor.