Downtown Paducah

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A hemp product manufacturer has been approved for a “light industrial operation” in downtown Paducah.

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  The Paducah Main Street downtown development specialist is leaving for a job at a local bank.

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  The City of Paducah is accepting applications for a financial assistance program funding roof repairs in the downtown district.

Matt Markgraff, WKMS

    A restoration effort is underway to create new living spaces in downtown Paducah and developers are seeking tenants. Paducah Landing is building condos in the upper stories of the historic buildings on Broadway. A pre-sale event is Thursday. Project manager Jordan Hunt said renovating was risky because comparable properties haven’t been sold in the area for nearly a decade. He said the condos could provide a ‘trickle down effect’ for local businesses.

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Update: The measure passed.  

Paducah’s city commissioners are considering widening a grant program to renovate the upper floors of the city’s downtown buildings. An amendment to the Upper Story Residential Grant Program is set for a vote on February 28.

Moscow Ballet


  The Great Russian Nutcracker is an iconic holiday program, and the Moscow Ballet is bringing the performance to Paducah's Carson Center. The performance will feature some local ballerinas, too. WKMS’ Nicole Erwin went to the audition session and brings us this report from a principal ballerina and a local teen who will be in the spotlight.

Paducah Symphony Orchestra

Paducah Symphony Orchestra executive director Daniel Sene has resigned, effective at the end of this month.

Cinema Systers Film Festival, via Facebook

Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema is hosting an all-lesbian film festival this weekend which is advertised as the only festival of its kind in the country.

Posters: Defender Films/Bleecker Street

On Thursday's Sounds Good, John Null caught up with Maiden Alley Cinema's John Holt to discuss a couple movies with some common themes coming to Paducah's arthouse theater in the next two weeks. The New Zealand-set comic adventure Hunt for the Wilderpeople and drama Captain Fantastic both feature characters that head into the wild, for different reasons.

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Saturday is the inaugural PaBREWcah Beer Fest, featuring 19 craft breweries from across the region and live music in downtown Paducah. On Sounds Good, Tracy Ross speaks with Daniel Sene about the event, which benefits Paducah Symphony Orchestra.