Kentucky Senate

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Three top Republican lawmakers in the Kentucky Senate have proposed a bill that would strip the governor’s power to appoint the leader of the state’s powerful Transportation Cabinet.

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A wall is going up between Republicans and Democrats in Kentucky's Capitol.

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The GOP will have its largest margin ever in the state Senate after voters in an eastern Kentucky district elected a Republican for the first time since the 1960s.

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While mostly remaining the same, a seat flipped during the General Election on Tuesday in the Commonwealth.

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Republicans in the state Senate have proposed keeping most of the budget cuts sought by Gov. Matt Bevin, while rejecting House Republicans’ plan to raise about $500 million through taxes on cigarettes and pain pills.

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The Kentucky Senate will reject a proposed first-in-the-nation tax on prescription opioids, with the chamber's top Republican leader saying the idea has too many legal problems for it to be in the foundation of a two-year state spending plan.

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The Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Thursday that would penalize the distribution of “revenge porn” without consent.

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A bill in Kentucky regarding high school students pursuing military service passed in the House on Friday and will advance to the Senate.

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People flying drones over key infrastructure sites without permission could face jail time under a bill passed by the Kentucky House.

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The Kentucky Senate has approved a joint resolution, in hopes peer mentoring for students with special needs can expand across the Commonwealth.