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Former Ky. senator, Trigg judge-exec returning to run for top county seat

Derek Operle

A former Kentucky legislator is running unopposed for Trigg County’s judge-executive post.

Stan Humphries, a two-term state senator who previously served as Trigg’s judge-executive for six years, is looking to reenter the county political scene. Humphries served as Kentucky’s 1st District Senator from 2013 to 2021.

Humphries says his experience in the Kentucky Senate makes him an ideal candidate for the position. He says Trigg, like other counties, is struggling with economic issues beyond the control of local officials, including inflation.

Humphries wants to protect and support small businesses with the help of state and federal funding. Roads and infrastructure will also be priorities for Humphries as he hopes to spur economic growth in the western Kentucky county.

“We need to keep jobs that have been here for years. We need to put pieces together in this mixed environment that has disparities at times,” Humphries said. “We have so many good workers. We just need more opportunities to expand their talent.”

His experiences the first time around as judge-executive, he says, could accelerate his capacity to create positive change in the community.

“We were able to put different pieces of the puzzle,” Humphries said. “Roads and bridges were improved. I can’t look in the past and know what the future holds but I know with everyone pulling in the same direction we’ll find a way to improve and overcome obstacles.”

Humphries says inflation and widespread unemployment can only be dealt with at the state or federal level, but there are things that can be done to strengthen the county’s economy from a local perspective.

“I know things have been different in the past two years but we have ways to make it work,” Humphries said. “We have good people in place. We have economic and chamber officials in Trigg County. With those people working collectively we’ll find a way to enhance what’s taking place.”

Humphries says his record as a former senator and past judge-executive shows his ability to help lead Trigg County. He says any prospective voters should vote for him with confidence.

“If you look at my last 14 years of public service, I have shown that I do what's best for the people of the community,” Humphries said. “My track record shows that I have been there through good and bad times.”

Mason Galemore is a Murray State student studying journalism. He was the editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper. Since then has explored different publication avenues such as broadcasting. He hopes to travel as a journalist documenting conflict zones and different cultures. He remembers watching the Arab Spring in 2011 via the news when he was a kid, which dawned in a new age of journalism grounded in social media. His favorite hobbies are hiking, photography, reading, writing and playing with his Australian Shepard, Izzy. He is originally from Charleston, Missouri.
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