Jon Hayden


Graves County Judge-Executive Jesse Perry has appointed retired McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden as interim Graves County Sheriff.

McCracken County Sheriff's Dept.

A Metropolis, Illinois man was arrested after police said he accidentally contacted a former McCracken County Sheriff to whom he offered to sell pills.


McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden says he will retire at the end of this month after serving 12 years in the role. 

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McCracken County Sheriff candidate Matt Carter anticipates potential challenges facing the elected position.

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The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department is warning people of phone scams in which the caller is pretending to be a member of local law enforcement to extort money. 

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McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden is asking the county government for more support. He says manpower shortages are “crippling” his office’s ability to serve county residents.

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McCracken County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the double homicide of a couple in their home just outside Paducah. 

McCracken County Sheriff's Department

An “Internet Purchase Exchange Location” is now in the McCracken County courthouse parking lot. The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department established the designated meeting point to offer a “peace of mind” when meeting a buyer or seller from an internet transaction.

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After a long legal battle, a McCracken County man has pleaded guilty to murdering his wife, setting fire to his house and attempting to hire someone to shoot the lead investigator on his case.

Sheriff: No Dog Fighting Link in Missing Pet Reports

Mar 10, 2015
Lance Dennee

  McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden held a special meeting Monday night to address Internet speculation about potential dog thefts and missing pets reported to area sheriff’s departments and the Kentucky State Police.

Hayden allayed some fears about the missing pets, saying there is no known dog fighting ring in the region.